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Our Mission

To provide education, trading tools and actionable ideas to all kinds of investors
so they can better understand and utilize options in their trading and risk management.

Meet the Expert

Imran Lakha is an expert at using institutional options strategies to capitalize on investment opportunities across global macro asset classes.

Using his expertise, Imran demonstrates how investors can better position themselves to leverage their capital for maximum returns while protecting their portfolios from downside risk.

From 2007 to 2017, Imran traded options for Citigroup and Bank of America where he spent a number of years as head of their European Options trading desks. He began his career at Credit Suisse and is a Graduate of The London School of Economics.

We Know Risk

Options strategies enable you to improve your risk-adjusted returns and be a more successful investor.

We Break It Down

Options have been made to feel too difficult and complex for the average person to trade, but this isn’t true—anyone can learn.

We’re On Top of The Market

Learn how to analyze the market and make better trades, especially during periods of volatility.

We Are Transparent

Imran reveals the trades he implements for his own portfolio, what’s working, what’s not working, and how he makes adjustments.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

Options Provide More Upside

Options Insight is the premier resource for investors who want to optimize their investment returns using institutional options strategies.

Actionable options strategies
you can trust.

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