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As BTC 25k resistance was rejected and crypto sold off, implied vols got hit.

Anticipating that realised would fall as we stayed in the 22-25k range.

Sure enough, realised vol has collapsed by 20p in BTC and ~10p in ETH.

Taking volatility carry back to positive.

➠ #ImpliedVolatility

The implied vol collapse was accelerated by the dumping of calls that hadn’t worked out but still had some premium left.

Systematic vol selling after expiry/into the weekend did the rest.

PCE inflation data took down stocks on Friday, and crypto markets could not ignore the macro.

With carry back to median levels, short-dated implied vol looks fair to slightly cheap.

But a catalyst is needed to break the range.

➠ #TermStructure

#BTC term structure fell back into contango as the front end got hit hard last week.

#ETH curve trading in line with BTC, with a steep contango.

This is slightly surprising, given #Shanghai upgrade due in March.

ETH/BTC vol spread trading in 5-6 vol range across maturities as 10d realised spread remains flat.

The long-term chart of the vol spread suggests this is a great entry…

☞ More details can be found in this week’s Crypto Options Weekly note to subs ☜

➠ #Skew

Skew normalising back towards flat as upside momentum was lost.

BTC had been driving the call premium led by front-end expires.

But has now faded back down to slightly in favor of call across all maturities.

ETH skew also converging back towards neutral.

This bid for #Calls in long-term BTC makes structural hedging using risk reversals look appealing.

Especially for crypto players w/large treasuries to manage.

We expect this flow will increase if BTC gets to ≈28k.

On the other hand, the persistent ETH put skew is a potential selling opportunity…

IF you are underweight ETH and looking to add exposure.

➠ #BTCoptions Flows

Volumes dropped off as 25k resistance failed & 24Feb expiry rolled off.

Some good two-way flows in 3Mar and 31Mar upside in 25-27K strike zone as calls that didn’t work changed hands.

Put protection buying also came back with 24k-19k strikes trading in 3Mar and 31Mar

30Jun saw straddle sellers on the 24k and 27k strike.

Big outright buyers of 45k calls.

➠ #ETHoptions Flows

Still very call dominated.

Some two-way on puts with buyers of 3Mar 1600 and 30Jun 1000 puts.

But a 10k clip of 26May 1500 #Puts sold.

Upside bought in many forms.

Notable clips were 10Mar 1700 calls, and 30Jun 1600/2100 call spreads.

Big convexity trade in 30Jun as seller of 2500/3500 cal ratio 1 by 3

➠ #Bitcoin #Gamma Positioning

BTC dealer gamma still short.

But less extreme as spot retraced lower, and upside got sold back.

Dealers that are still short the 31Mar 26-28k zone have longs in front of it.

So we see little #squeeze potential.

➠ #Ethereum #Gamma Positioning

ETH positioning more long vol.

31Mar strikes look scattered from 1600-1900.

We may see this flip if an upside move starts and call demand comes in.

Taking dealers short.

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