After sitting @ options desks for large banks, disparity between trading & running a business can be stark

Trading → oft rewarded for sitting on your hands

Business → die if not moving forward

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More Contrast☟

𝞂 My experience in the last few years w/running a business has forced me to grow


– Network like crazy
– Creativity like Picasso’s son
– Self-Motivation to keep plugging away

Let’s break them down…


𝞂 This is something Inever really practiced at the bank

As a trader, I didn’t NEED to network

I relied on salespeople to do that for me

Traders don’t network – Traders Trade

𝞂 Now, if you run a business but don’t network, you’re not going anywhere

My whole business has & continues to be built on collabs

That’s how you gain exposure until more opportunities present themselves

ie, @RealVision @CoinDesk @spotgamma & the list goes on…

𝞂 So networking has been a big thing I had to learn

When I was in the banks, I had no Linkedin, no Twitter, no nothing

Most of my friends still at the banks have no social media presence to this day

Whereas I’ve had to develop my social media presence… & learn to do it in a way that now I enjoy

It can obviously be a slog though – so how’d I learn to love it?

𝞂 Discovering my passion for educating others about #options is what drove me to create Options Insight in the first place

But getting positive feedback & re-inforcement from folks like you is what keeps me going

You make me want to share more, not less!


𝞂 I used to think, what’s the point in tweeting?

Who the hell cares about what I have to say?

But now, when I tweet something, you all respond

Showing you do care & are lisetning

Nothing encourages me more


𝞂 I’m far from anything close to a genius like Picasso

But I know I’ve got skills that can be passed on & lead to transformative stories

I’ve produced all types of insights, scattered all over the place

But how do I get max reach?

That’s where creativity comes in…

☞ This tweet was inspired by an interview I gave last year w/ @genesisvol where I talked about this very topic

Check the clip attached & watch the full interview on @Amberdataio YouTube channel

(link in followup tweet) ☜

𝞂 Creativity is the spark igniting a fire of imagination

A blank canvas waiting to be filled with vibrant colors and bold strokes

As an educator & content producer, creativity is a must

It’s the catalyst that can transform dull & mundane learning into vibrant & engaging

Allowing me to approach my teaching methods in new fun & innovative ways

Igniting my students’ curiosity & fostering a deeper understanding of complex concepts


𝞂 There is no way around it

You must possess a drive from within

Drive comes from passion

Dare I say, obsessed

𝞂 Passion for what you’re building + realizing how much you can help others by spreading your experience

That’s the formula for staying power

If you truly care about what you do, when the tough times inevitably come knocking, continuing on is never a question


➠ This was obviously more of an introspective into #mindset rather than our usual strictly investing stuff

Have you had similar thoughts & experiences w/ business/trading?

Let me know in the replies!


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