𝞂 The Ultimate Trading Mind Map 𝞂

➠ 3-Part Series

OI Macro Options Daily subs know that I manage to come up w/trade ideas several times per week.

Week in, week out.

But how do I never run out of ideas?

By leveraging our Ultimate Trading Mind Map.

This is the process ☟

➠ Part 1

𝞂 The idea here is to walk you through the following:

Analysis of opportunities → idea generation → risk management scenarios → trade execution



Time horizon = 1y up to 5-10y

Trade ideas from this analysis tend to be long only, for asset allocation purposes, and/or as a vehicle to drive up pension fund value.

Analysis can include:

𝞂 Valuation Model: This can be cashflows, EPS projections.

𝞂 Macro Data Trends: Trying to model the economies.

𝞂 Thematic: Longer-term structural themes (i.e., AI, Robotics, 3d Printing, etc)

𝞂 LT Growth/Innovation/Disruption: Companies and/or assets with long-term growth profile.

☞ Park your $$$ and come back in 10y ☜


Time horizon = Variable

The trading style here can go from short-term, such as days to hours (not my preference)…

…up to medium-term, such as weeks to months.

This sort of trend following or ‘swing trading’ is where I feel more comfortable.

Analysis can include:

𝞂 Charts/Indicators: Bollinger, #RSI, Structure…

𝞂 Momentum: What’s the realized order flow like?

𝞂 Mean Reversion: Rubber band-type effect, the more it stretches, the snappier the return to equilibrium.

𝞂 Statistical Arbitrage: Algo activity has eroded most of it


Time horizon = Timing Around Event Date

My preferred strategy for trading event vol is through options pricing.

𝞂 Specific known event – #Inflation data.

𝞂 Earnings announcements – $AAPL #earnings.

𝞂 Elections/politics – US election, Brexit.

𝞂 Central Bank meetings – #FOMC, #ECB, #BOJ.

Moving on…

𝞂 Once you know your target asset, time horizon, and what’s driving your idea, then you need to incorporate…


𝞂 You need to be aware of where volatility is and has been recently.

From here, you can try to think of realistic scenarios for the asset at hand.

Of course, within the time horizon tied to the idea that we established earlier.

The type of things you are going to be looking at include:

𝞂 ATR/#ImpliedVol – Is the market realizing on future vol expectations?

𝞂 #Bollinger: Where spot is vs. average vol of that asset

𝞂 #Fibonacci: Levels of confluence/importance to be aware of

𝞂 #TailRisk: Events that may derail your scenario in the horizon you are looking at

𝞂 #ElliotWave: Where are we in perceived pattern structure?

𝞂 Big Picture Trend: Zoom out to weekly/monthly and see where the asset has been and is potentially headed.

These are just a few items I use most heavily.

After I do all that, then I move onto…

☞ I’m afraid you will have to until tomorrow for the rest of the Ultimate Trading Mind Map goods! ☜


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