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Tech stocks have rocketed in the face of rising yields, but can ARKK catch up?

Or is there a potential fall in sight for Ark Invest’s flagship ticker?

Let’s look at some possibilities in this peek at today’s Macro Options Daily ☟


ARKK & Tech Stocks

Tech stocks have had a fantastic run recently, fueled by optimism around AI and blowout guidance from NVDA.

The ARKK basket has also started participating in the upside that NDX began.

However, high-duration stocks without cash cow status may face challenges if yields keep rising.


Interest Rate Hikes

The FOMC meeting next week is pricing in a 25% chance of a hike, with markets anticipating a 50% chance of another in July.

If the revealed Federal Reserve dots project a higher path for rates than the market expects, ARKK is likely to re-rate lower in our view.


Short-Term Setup

We think there is a short-term setup for ARKK to correct 5-10% on the back of a hawkish meeting next week.

And don’t forget, we also have CPI data coming on June 13th.

So be sure to stay sharp and monitor rate hikes & CPI data to get a better grasp on ARKK’s potential moves.


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