The bond market has been caught with its pants down!

Speculators were positioned massively short front end before the $SVB collapse, as seen from CFTC data

These positions got squeezed in spectacular fashion

But the question remains, has enough changed for a Fed Pivot?☟

σ Whilst things do feel overdone in the near term, the flight of deposits into money markets funds cannot be denied.

And it is likely to continue until short-end rates are cut, or banks offer higher deposit rates…

But this would obviously kill their margins.

σ Given what Powell said in front of Congress only days before the #SVBCrash, it would look pretty stupid if they didn’t follow through with a hike.

But as some commentators have said, it may mean that the US Federal Reserve will just have to cut even stronger and faster later down the line.

σ Another thing you should be aware of ↴

The upturn in liquidity from increasing the balance sheet has been met by a massive crypto rally.

Which we know is the epicenter of speculative activity.

Something that the Fed has been desperately trying to stamp out of the market.

σ Giving the market what it wants right now, in terms of a pause or pivot, would almost certainly fuel a frenzy in crypto & stocks.

Potentially undoing all the hard work of last year’s pain & rate hikes…

➠ This is arguably the most challenging balancing act #Powell has ever faced…

We wish him good luck!


What do you think happens during tomorrow’s #FOMC?

25bp rate hike? 50bp??

Or will Uncle Jerome throw in the towel and start cutting?

➠ Time will tell, but let me know what you think in the replies!


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Macro Options Spotlight | March 21, 2023


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