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So, you want to make money with options?

You need Imran Lakha - Global Options Trader and Founder of Options Insight

  • Developed a professional process over his 20+ years of options trading
  • Studied at the London School of Economics
  • Ran options desks and traded for Bank of America and Citigroup
  • Finds daily trades by scanning across different asset & volatility markets for opportunity
  • Created a custom-built dashboard with all metrics, charts, & signals you need for informed options trades in one place

Let Imran show you how to use options to benefit from any market conditions

You see the power and appeal of options

But you don't know how to trade options with confidence

Now Imran can show you how to trade options like a pro

You're not alone!


The Reality Is The Odds Are Stacked Against You!


The Reality Is The Odds Are Stacked Against You!
Those on the ‘inside’ intentionally choose not to show you the actual process to trade options like a pro.


‘They’ intentionally speak in code and confusing jargon to try to keep retail investors like you feeling like you’re on the ‘outside’. Throwing away your hard-earned money on mispriced calls and puts with no chance of succeeding.

Imran knows this from being on the inside himself – trading and running options desks for some of the largest banks in the world.

But seeing firsthand how these ‘insiders’ purposefully screw the little guy drives Imran to do the complete opposite…

• He is completely transparent with you.

• He gives you the advantage of an honest look at what ‘they’ don’t want you to know.

• He provides a professional process for options trading that can protect you and increase your odds of making money.


With markets battling inflation, central banks, and greedy insiders manipulating prices, it can feel like markets are on the brink of a flush out…

But those best prepared will be the ones ready & able to pounce on opportunities.

Are you prepared?

Now’s the time to trade options with confidence – whether markets move up, down, or sideways.


The game is rigged..

Institutions and their ‘insiders’ use tools & info not available to retail traders for making informed options trades.


You can stick it to these ‘gatekeepers’ with Imran as he shows you the process to trade options like a pro…

• Scan for opportunities using Options Insight’s Volatility Summary Dashboard


• Use Options Insight’s Cross Asset Volatility & Skew Scatter Plot for historical context


• Formalize your market view by tying it together with macro developments


• Dive deeper into an asset with Options Insight’s Asset Vol Dashboard that has all of the vital volatility info in one place.


• Professionally risk manage trades and your options portfolio




You can level the playing field and trade options with confidence right now using Imran’s pro options trading process.


This is an opportunity packed with value…


• Options Insight’s Macro Options Daily tools for generating options trades

   → Value of $900/year


• Options Insight’s Macro Options Overlay tools for managing trades and a portfolio of options

   → Value of $900/year


• An hour of webinar training from an institutional-level options trader with 20+ years of experience

   → Value of +$1,000/hour


You have the opportunity to get it all for free.


The next step is up to you…

You have the opportunity to get it all for free. The next step is up to you...

Do Nothing

Stay exactly where you are right now.

Maybe you don’t need Imran to show you the process for confidently trading options like a pro.

You can try to develop your own options trading process using trial and error to discover how to confidently protect yourself and improve your odds of making money.

If you’re willing to put in the countless hours, you might be able to pull it off.

Let Imran Do Your Heavy Lifting

Take a page from Warren Buffet and leverage the experience of others to avoid mistakes.

Let Imran show you the tools, metrics, and analysis with the most signal for informed options trading that he’s found over his 20+ years of trading options.


Many people dream about achieving their financial goals without ever taking action to make it happen…

While the few who are serious about their financial future take action to keep moving in their desired direction.

If you’ve read this far, you are one of the few special ones.

Don’t stop now…

Take It To The Next Level

Are you the type who goes all in when they find the right opportunity?

Seeing Imran’s process for trading options like a pro will stoke your fire.

You want more.

You want to take the next steps in your options trading journey ASAP.

Start learning how to implement Imran’s process for trading options like a pro with his Options Trading Courses!

Join Imran live and/or watch the recording on your own time.

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