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Do You Want Actionable Options Insights?

Get updates on what’s going on in the market and insights you can use right now to book gains and manage risk.

Macro Options Daily

$50 / a month

A daily morning email and webcast that summarizes the top global options opportunity.

Crypto Options Weekly

$50 / a month

10-15 minute weekly webcast that highlights crypto positions and focuses on changes across the crypto landscape.

Macro Options Overlay

$100 / a month

A 15-30 minute weekly webcast that concentrates on medium term portfolio positions and changes across the global macro asset classes – including equities etc etc.

Options Insight Bundle

$150 / a month

Access all Options Insight research for the most comprehensive tools available.

Do you want an in-depth look at how an options expert trades?

Watch how a professional trades options and tracks portfolio performance in order to optimize returns and manage risk. These solutions provide actionable trade ideas and highlight the considerations a professional makes before executing a trade.

Become a Better Investor

The Options Insight Education

The Hedge

An intensive 3-part options education series brought to you by SpotGamma and Options Insight.

Options Insight Live

A live weekly town hall on current market dynamics, new trends, and emerging strategies.

Options Insight Bootcamp

Weekend long virtual workshop syllabus focused on the practical application of options trading and risk management.

Options Insight Podcast

A roundtable where seasoned traders share their experience and unique insights into where markets have been and where they might be going.

Options Insight Discord

Join our community to keep up on all things Options Insight.

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