CDS rates for the US are spiking dramatically as we approach the debt ceiling.

At the same time, interest rates vol is on the rise.

The VIX has been mostly tame due to strong tech earnings, but market breadth is in the midst of falling off a cliff.

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σ Remember the 2011 debt ceiling debacle?

History shows us that stock market volatility can react quite violently to uncertainty over government spending.

The VIX may be back on a 17 handle, but VVIX and skew are showing some respect to the rates market moves.

σ We’re keeping a close eye on the situation and suggest being wary of getting too complacent.

You can even see a large VIX 40/60 call back spread was traded in Sep23 expiry last week to own some tail risk.

That’s $5m spent In premium just for some protection – no small potatoes.

σ Our advice?

Stay vigilant until Congress comes to a compromise.

Or kicks the can down to September/October, as some have speculated.

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Markets Sluggishly Await US CPI & Debt Ceiling Outcome | Macro Options Spotlight | May 9, 2023


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