Empower yourself with

Cutting Edge Trading Tools

Get the process right & success will folllow

Empower yourself with

Cutting Edge Trading Tools

Get the process right & success will folllow

Our pro tools allow you to maintain consistency in your trading while also providing you with new trade ideas and the latest options market insights - every single day.

Keep your edge without falling into bad habits or biases, with our data-driven process.

Transform your trading routine into a process for success.

Arm Yourself For Alpha

Trade ideas, portfolio guidance, and alerts to make sure you never miss a beat


$75 / Month

Latest developments in cross-asset options markets

Strategy Compass for macro and single stocks to guide you toward optimal trading strategies.

Fixed strike vol monitor for SPX to understand options flows and their market impact

Trade Idea reports and alerts when Imran sees opportunities that are too good to miss!


$50 / Month

A weekly webcast featuring crypto news flow, technical analysis, and volatility analytics to help you navigate the volatile crypto landscape.

Crypto stocks monitor and strategy compass which highlights trading opportunities in the big US crypto names such as MARA, COIN, MSTR, and RIOT.

Crypto options strategies that Imran employs on his own crypto portfolio either for speculation, income, or hedging.


$75 / Month

A weekly webcast and dashboard that features portfolio positions + changes across global macro asset markets.

Inside look into Imran long term asset allocation and tactical options strategies.

Proprietary volatility dashboards designed by Imran to offer unique insights and help identify trading opportunities across the macro options universe.

Trade updates and intra-week alerts where Imran explains how he restructures trades and why.


$150 / Month

$399 / Quarter

Access all Option Insight research to cover all your bases across macro and crypto options.


As a special offer, we are providing members of our quarterly bundle subscription free access to our options course on Real Vision Academy. We know that options can be daunting if you’re not educated and familiar with the jargon.

In this course, Imran and Roger Hirst breakdown the options market like never before and help you understand the big picture and why you need to make options trading part of your investing vocabulary.


What Other Traders Have To Say

"Follow Imran’s simple, data-driven methodology and enjoy the long lasting, positive effects it has your portfolio and your family’s wealth."

"This is the most comprehensive seminar on options investing I have every been through. As an institutional investor, I can say first hand this is not a curriculum I have seen taught anywhere. Invaluable!"

"I am new to investing and I’m so glad I found [these tools]. I cannot imagine the losses I would have incurred in my beginner options trader had I not taken this course. Thank you!"

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Access all Option Insight research, to help mitigate risk and optimize returns.

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