Market Alert: Hedging Time?

Equity markets find themself near the top of the range again, with multiple concerns @ hand:

• FED rate cuts priced in by year-end
• Debt ceiling standoff
• Lofty tech valuations

Is it time to place some hedges?

Enjoy this teaser of our Macro Options Daily research report ☟

➠ SPX Resistance Zone

σ 4200 on the SPX (420 on SPY) seems to be a strong resistance zone.

Potentially needing a catalyst to finally break through.

While we don’t foresee the break happening in the short term, we’d be cautious about selling calls at low upside vol levels.

➠ Strategy: Medium-Term Put Spread

σ With a steep term structure, plus the risk of vol rolling down and an elevated skew, we would recommend you consider owning medium-term put spreads.

This approach can provide downside protection if the market adjusts to the headwinds listed above.

➠ Remember, it’s crucial to keep an eye on the changing market landscape and adapt your strategies accordingly.

Stay vigilant and good luck out there!


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