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Debt ceiling deal goes to Senate today!

The US Treasury is on track to start issuing T-bills or treasury bonds.

That’s what liquidity trackers have been worried about.

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Market Predictions by TS Lombard

TS Lombard projects SPX likely lower alongside liquidity as Treasury refills TGA and QT maintains pace.

They argue TGA drawdown has neutralized QT so far in 2023, but that might end.

The prediction is a potential 10% nominal GDP drawdown in the next 3 months due to the TGA flip.


June Seasonality & Market Resistance

Add to this, June’s seasonality is typically not favorable.

While markets once again face formidable resistance at 4200.

As such, we wouldn’t fault you at all for considering a defensive position.


US Vols Remain Unaffected

Yet another factor to consider…

So far, the US vols have been unaffected by price reversal as Europe & China struggle.

It’s doubtful the US can ignore a downturn in Chinese growth for too long.

Especially if everyone is already full up on US tech names…


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