After a beautiful holiday with the kids, feeling tan, refreshed, & ready to go.

I had time to do some deeper thinking about recent market developments like 0DTE options, AI and how they affect options markets into the future.

Buckle up for a fascinating timeline of options & explore its incredible evolution! ☟


σ Thales, philosopher & mathematician, made the first recorded options trade.

He ingeniously secured the right to use olive presses w/o owning them, predicting a bountiful harvest. When harvest season arrived, Thales’ prediction proved accurate.

Demand for olive presses skyrocketed & Thales now held the rights for a majority of the crop.

Laying the groundwork for modern options trading!


σ In 1602, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange became the world’s first stock exchange & center of international trade w/establishment of the Dutch East India Company (Vereenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie or VOC).

VOC was one of the first modern corporations in the world & issued shares to investors to raise capital for overseas trading ventures.

Market volatility around VOC shares led traders to use options for risk management.

Options allowed traders to buy/sell VOC shares @ predetermined prices, serving as insurance against adverse price movements.

The Dutch pioneered standardized options contracts.

Historical logo VOC, Bataviawerf Lelystad


σ In the early 1900s, options trading reached the US, with OTC options among sophisticated investors

But it was marked by a lack of regulation, standardization, & transparency. Making it difficult for retail investors to navigate

Customized contract terms & the absence of a centralized clearinghouse increased complexity + counterparty risk.

This environment limited options trading mainly to institutions/professionals.

Until the establishment of…


σ In 1973, the Chicago Board Options Exchange revolutionized options by establishing the first centralized marketplace

Introducing standardized contracts with uniform terms & conditions, making options more accessible & transparent.

Followed by increased liquidity, tighter spreads, & more efficient trading.

Options volume surged.


σ Tech advancements + online platforms revolutionized options again, making them more accessible, efficient, & cost-effective

Online brokerages with user-friendly interfaces & advanced analytical tools made it a dream for retail.

Educational resources & tutorials lowered the barrier to entry. While real-time data, news, & research helped them stay informed.

In parallel, leverage proliferated, enabling investors to control more significant amounts of assets.


σ Options are an integral part of modern investing among individual investors & institutions due to their versatility in achieving various financial goals

Allowing you to:

• hedge risk
• generate income
• leverage capital
• exploit arbitrage opportunities
• speculate


σ AI & machine learning are set to revolutionize options once again

New platforms leveraging AI & machine learning will make options trading more user-friendly & inclusive, further breaking down barriers to entry.

Likely also leading to enhanced decision-making, new innovative financial products, & trading strategies

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